Featured Voxy Course: Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants

Voxy is excited to announce our new course, Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants! The course was developed in partnership with Cinematic Health Education, a leading healthcare training provider that offers a unique cinematic storytelling methodology to train prospective healthcare employees. ReadyCNA is Cinematic Health’s cloud-based training program that prepares future healthcare employees for careers as certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

Voxy has created two new courses (beginner and advanced) to prepare English language learners for future careers as CNAs. Both courses incorporate material from Cinematic Health Education’s ReadyCNA curriculum. The beginner course is intended to serve as a prerequisite course for English language learners at the high beginner to low intermediate levels. This course will improve their overall English proficiency using content directly from the CNA field, preparing them for the vocabulary, concepts, and structures they’ll encounter in a CNA certification course. The advanced course is a companion course to the full ReadyCNA program, and it is intended to offer intermediate ELLs the scaffolding, language support, and vocabulary reinforcement they will need to master the materials covered in a CNA certification course.

As with our other career-aligned English courses, Voxy’s Introduction to English for Certified Nursing Assistants course offers learners industry-specific training that concurrently promotes English language acquisition. Learners enrolled in the course will become acquainted with medical terminology and phrases in English, vital to the role of CNAs. Further, those taking the course will learn from medical personnel, video simulations, and experienced CNAs. Specific lessons include the importance of infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and the care of cognitively impaired residents, among others.

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