Voxy on the Road: Snapshots of Our Early Spring 2019 Events

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Members of the Voxy team are often invited to multiple events throughout the year focused on advancements in workplace language training. From ASU GSV in San Diego to NAWB in Washington, DC and beyond, we have our hands are full. We even hosted our own in-person event in Brazil recently. While we wish we could highlight everything, here’s a glimpse of the first half of our spring 2019 event season.

NAWB Forum 2019

March 2019. Tadd Wamester, Voxy’s Director, New Americans Initiative, during the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Forum 2019.

At NAWB, Tadd was on the panel for “Diversity, Equity, and Skills in the Workplace: A Growing Employer Imperative.” Tadd shed a light on building bridges for English Language Learners (ELL) as well as companies who are answering the clarion call to help existing workers succeed. The NAWB panel allowed leaders in workforce development to voice how to best support all members of our communities in their career growth. In fact, plenty of opportunities exist to help diverse populations. Voxy, in particular, has a new US initiative whose goal is to deliver accessible and effective online English language training to underserved adults. Learn more about Voxy’s New Americans Initiative.

March 2019. Voxy’s Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katie Nielson, at NAWB, during a “Live@The Forum” interview.

Katie also attended NAWB and sat down with Live@TheForum to discuss “how workplaces can focus on upskilling their incumbent workers with language skills rather than recruiting/hiring new employees with those skills.” Taking meaningful conversations from forum exhibit halls to workshops, Live@TheForum shares video interviews with industry professionals who are unable to attend specific events.

ASU GSV 2019

April 2019. Voxy Chief Education Officer, Dr. Katie Neilson, among the panelists on stage at ASU GSV.

At ASU GSV, Katie was a featured panelist and discussed how language learning is more efficient when content is configured to the needs of each learner. Further, she elaborated on the importance of using both human intervention and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver truly personalized learning at scale. Katie was vocal about the fact that one-size-fits-all approaches to learning do not work.

Voxy’s Strategies & Best Practices for Language Programs Event

April 2019 Voxy hosts in-person event on “Strategies and Best Practices for Language Programs”.

For our recent in-person event, Voxy gathered a room full of Brazil’s human resource and professional development leaders. Those in attendance were able to discuss how corporations worldwide face the challenge of breaking down communication barriers among their global teams. Read what we learned from our Strategies and Best Practices for Language Programs event.