[Webinar] Implementing Corporate Language Training at Scale

workplace language training webinar

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a webinar in English called Workplace Training at Scale: Language Learning in the Global Organization.  During this event, I discussed how to bring effective corporate language training programs to users at scale and explained the science behind how and why Voxy works.Because of the wonderful engagement of all the participants in that event, I’m pleased to share that just last week we offered this same presentation, live and in Spanish, for our large and growing network in Latin America and Spain.I encourage you to view the recording of this brief 20 minute webinar in the language that suits you best.  I know you will enjoy it and learn a little bit about language training and Voxy along the way.

Workplace Training at Scale: Language Learning in the Global Organizationwokrplace training at scale - language learning in the global organization - recording

Capacitación corporativa a escala: el aprendizaje de idiomas en la organización global

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