Voxy Enters Saudi Arabia with a Partnership to Bring Instruction to Approximately Two Million Learners

riyadh saudi arabia

As our world has grown ever more interconnected in recent years, nations around the globe have begun investing increasingly significant resources in their countries’ education programs.  One such nation is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Through their ambitious and recently launched Saudi Vision 2030 plan, the government is prioritizing educational programs as a key part of diversifying the economy and spurring innovation.

Fueled by the this initiative, the Saudi Ministry of Education (MoE) in collaboration with the Tatweer Company for Educational Services has launched the English4All (E4A) education program, providing the opportunity for all MoE teachers, employees, and secondary students to engage in English language instruction. Voxy has joined this effort, in partnership with its local distributor, the National Company for Training and Education Technologies (TETEC), to bring English language training and instruction to their many learners.

Under the banner of the E4A initiative, TETEC and Voxy are able to offer the approximately two million MoE teachers, employees, and secondary students in Saudi Arabia the ability to improve their English language skills and proficiency with the aim of driving forward modern curricula routed in rigorous standards, strong professional development for teachers, and improvement in students’ skills and knowledge.  Unsurprisingly, these goals align strongly to Voxy’s task-based pedagogical model, in which learners improve their English skills through lessons that present them with real-world content from real-life situations they’re likely to encounter in their professions and daily lives. This not only saves precious time for language learners—because it allows them to practice with materials that they want to read and understand in the first place—but it also keeps learners’ goals close in sight, allowing them to see right away how what they’re learning can be applied to the real world.  This represents a truly important aspect of TETEC’s mission to provide high quality educational content and training to its many members in Saudi Arabia.

The first phase of this program, launched in April 2018, is available to MoE teachers at https://ien.edu.sa/#/.  The second phase of this program, launched in July 2018, brings Voxy to all MoE employees and secondary students.  We’re extremely excited about launching this initiative with our partners at TETEC and will to continue to share progress as more teachers join the program and begin advancing their English proficiency through Voxy.