Recruit Smarter and Hire the Best Talent with the VPA®

If you work with global teams, you know how important it is to communicate using a common language. While it’s crucial to identify the right candidates as early as possible, properly assessing language skills during the hiring process can be challenging, time-consuming and costly.

Take the guesswork out of recruiting and stop wasting time talking to candidates who aren’t qualified. The Voxy Proficiency Assessment (VPA®) is an accurate and affordable English test that objectively measures a candidate’s English level in four major areas: Grammar, Listening, Reading and Speaking. Your candidates can take the test on their own schedule from any computer with an Internet connection and we take care of the grading, so there’s no extra time required from your team. We can even white label the test so that candidates get your full brand experience throughout the entire hiring process.

If you already have a team in place, the VPA® can also be used to evaluate employees for projects that require English language skills or for placement in a professional development program. Testing your current team is also a great way to determine who needs English training and how much, so you’ll know your dollars are being well-spent on a targeted training solution.

With so many testing options available, why choose the VPA®?

  1. It’s accurate: The VPA® is an accurate predictor of performance on common proficiency scales like the CEFR and on standardized English tests like the TOEIC, so you can quickly compare scores against international benchmarks.
  2. It’s painless: The VPA® is incredibly easy to administer—and convenient for test takers to complete—so your hiring managers and tech team can focus on more important matters.
  3. It’s flexible: Test takers can complete the VPA® on their schedule—the test is available anytime online and only takes about 45 minutes.
  4. High-Touch Support: Our team of English education experts can provide dedicated consulting services to help you understand VPA® test scores and how to establish standards for English proficiency at your company.

To learn more about how the VPA® works, download the complete fact sheet here.