The Future of English Language Learning is Mobile

It’s been estimated that more than 2.3 billion people will be smartphone users in 2017—an almost 150% increase in just three years and climbing. And for the first time in history, more people are accessing the internet using a mobile device than a desktop computer. These numbers are staggering and the shift to mobile is changing everything, including how and where we choose to learn.

Yet many schools around the world don’t offer mobile-first learning options, even though most students have come to expect them. During times of such rapid technological change, it can be hard to keep up—especially when schools aren’t always focused on building new technology or don’t know how.

Voxy’s online solution was designed with this challenge in mind. Every Voxy course is available on the web and through a fully integrated mobile app, so learners can switch between devices without losing any of their progress. The Voxy app allows busy adult learners to practice English on their own schedule wherever they are, whether that means studying at home or on their daily commute. And to take the experience one step further, Voxy can even build a custom mobile app for schools that want to retain their own branding or offer unique content to their students.

For one of our customers in Brazil, mobile access was absolutely essential. As a large, industry-leading private English school, they were looking for a way to keep pace with the competition and modernize their offering by adding online programs. They also wanted to improve their instructional approach by implementing blended learning in their face-to-face classes. Voxy was able to address their needs by building a highly configurable all-in-one solution. Now, more than 55,000 of their students are using Voxy for an average of one hour per week.

To learn more about how Voxy can support the needs of English schools looking for a modern learning solution, download the complete case study here.