Voxy Attends ICEF Berlin, Global Language Learning Event

Last month Voxy traveled to Berlin to attend ICEF, an international conference that in part connects educators with agents who recruit students for immersive language-learning programs. The event is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, bringing together more than 2,000 professionals and hosting dozens of seminars on current and future trends in the international language-training market.

One of the event’s central themes this year was the growing interest in moving toward technology solutions for language learning. But new technology also introduces new challenges, such as how to sustain online engagement if students are already spending several hours per day studying their target language in a classroom setting.

The Voxy mobile app addresses this concern by allowing students to continue their English courses at their own pace and in small pieces, no matter where they are. Voxy’s flexible platform can also be used as an effective assessment tool, or as an online supplement to be used before and after an immersive English language program.

Another emerging need for travel-based language programs is a way to grow their customer base while maintaining a low-cost solution that keeps students engaged. Because Voxy can produce thousands of real-world learning materials at scale, we can offer a competitive and cost-effective solution—without sacrificing human instruction or effective engagement strategies.

ICEF Berlin sponsors included EC English, INTO, The Language Gallery (TLG), Language Studies Canada (LSC) and the International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC), among others.