10 Words For… The Travel Industry

Travel industry

This blog series will explore the top 10 useful words for specific industries, so you can learn the English you can actually use in the real world. This week, we’re looking at some basic concepts and vocabulary words related to the travel industry.

1. reseller (noun): Someone who resells goods and services in exchange for a fee, also known as agent
Ex: Travel agencies can use a reseller to buy group tickets for tourist attractions.

2. quote (noun): give someone the estimated price of a job or service
Ex: The school asked several travel agencies for a quote for the class trip.

3. to charter (verb): to reserve an aircraft, boat or bus for private use
Ex: The group chartered a bus so they would have more flexibility during the trip.

4. layover (noun): a short stay at a place in the middle of a trip
Ex: We have a two-hour layover in Iceland before landing in Paris.

5. accommodation (noun): a place (such as a room in a hotel) where travelers can sleep and find other services
Ex: The client has specific accommodation requests for her trip; she only wants to stay in hotels.

6. booking (noun): a reservation for accommodations or travel, or a ticket purchased in advance
Ex: The agency took care of all bookings, from flight tickets to hotel rooms.

7. package deal (noun): a group of services related to travel or vacations that are sold together for one price
Ex: Their package deal includes the bus tour, hotel room and plane ticket, but they will have to pay for their meals.

8. itinerary (noun): a passenger’s travel schedule
Ex: We finished our itinerary for our next trip: we’ll start in Barcelona, then go to Italy and finish in France.

9. amenities (noun): a useful or enjoyable feature of a place
Ex: This hotel has first-class amenities: a swimming-pool, sauna, spa and high-end restaurant.

10. yield management (noun): the process of frequently adjusting the price of a product in response to various market factors, such as demand or competition
Ex: Airlines practice yield management, which can result in drastic variations in airfare over a short period of time.

For additional practice with industry-specific terms in English, check out the Unit Catalog in your Voxy course for more work-related materials.