Coffee Break: 10 Expressions About… the 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit

G20 summit

Next week, leaders from the 20 most powerful countries in the world will gather in Hangzhou, China, to take part in the eleventh G20 summit. If you’re interested in politics, international affairs or just want to expand your vocabulary list, here are 10 words and expressions related to this international forum that may be useful to know:

1. policy (noun): course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business or individual
Ex: For this year’s G20 Summit, there is great anticipation for policies that can support economic growth.

2. agenda (noun): a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
Ex: Themes such as innovation, sustainable development and anti-corruption policies are all on the official agenda of the G20 summit.

3. globalization (noun): the development of closer economic, cultural and political relations among all the countries of the world as a result of travel and communication becoming easy
Ex: Because of globalization, there’s an increased need for international cooperation among countries.

4. guidelines (plural noun): rules or instructions that show or tell how something should be done
Ex: At the end of the summit, new international economic guidelines should be put into place and followed by every participating country.

5. endorsement (noun): the act of making a public statement of your support for something or someone
Ex: Before being officially released, some international standards need to receive an endorsement from the G20 leaders.

6. to issue a statement (phrase): to publicly say something, especially formally and officially
Ex: The Chinese government issued a statement declaring that all Hangzhou markets will stay open during the two-day G20 summit.

7. framework (noun): the ideas, information and principles that form the structure of an organization or plan
Ex: The relationship between Russia and China is based on a framework of mutual cooperation that has proven to be effective for both countries.

8. green finance (noun): refers to finding a balance between environmental protection, investment and financing
Ex: Since the mayor decided to invest part of the budget in the protection of biodiversity and landscapes in the city, the counsel really started to embrace the concept of green finance.

9. sustainable development (noun): economic development that is conducted without depletion of natural resources
Ex: Solar energy, wind energy and crop rotation are all examples of sustainable development.

10. consensus (noun): general agreement
Ex: The G20 is large enough to capture a wide range of interests from all systemic economies, and small enough to forge a consensus on critical issues for the world economy.

The expressions and examples we chose to write about in this article are a bit harder than usual! Take your time and maybe even read the article two or three times to make sure you understand each word. Then, try using them in a sentence on your own. Good luck!