Coffee Break: 10 Expressions About… Pokémon Go

It’s been a bit more than one month since the Pokemon Go craze has taken over the planet. You may have seen people walking down the streets frantically, their eyes glued to their smartphone screens, sometimes at their own risk. The app is undoubtedly a huge success and we couldn’t let this trend go on any further without adding 10 new expressions to your vocabulary:

  1. addicted (adjective): enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity
    Ex: Since he downloaded the app two days ago, my friend has been playing Pokémon Go nonstop; he is addicted to this game.

  1. augmented reality (noun): a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world
    Ex: Pokemon Go uses location-based services and augmented reality to make Pokémon appear on the screen as though you are traveling through Pokémon World.

  1. stampede (noun): a situation in which a lot of people try to do the same thing at the same time
    Ex: When Pokémon Go players saw a very rare Pokémon spawn on the map, everyone started running toward it, which caused a stampede.

  1. glitch (noun): a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment
    Ex: A glitch of the app has caused the in-game Pokémon tracking mechanism to break down entirely.

  1. hunt (noun): a search; a seeking or endeavor to find.
    Ex: A group of Pokémon Go enthusiasts went on an 11-hour-long hunt around the city to catch a rare Pokémon.

  1. to level up (verb): to increase or improve something
    Ex: Pokémon Go players can level up by training and battling at gyms to improve their skills.

  1. ability (noun): talent, skill or proficiency in a particular area
    Ex: Pikachu’s first ability is static, which means he can paralyze his opponents by surrounding them with yellow static electricity in an attack.

  1. landmark (noun): a building or place that was important in history; a feature of a landscape or town that is easily recognized
    Ex: I love Pokémon Go! It is like a tourist guide to attractions and landmarks around the city that I never knew existed.

  1. quest (noun): a journey made in search of something
    Ex: The app has the world roaming their cities on a quest to catch Pokémon.

  1. feature (noun): a noticeable or important characteristic or part
    Ex: The company that developed Pokémon Go has already announced 11 new features to diversify the game and improve the overall user experience.

Are you ready to pursue your very own quest? Become addicted to the Voxy app and learn as much vocabulary as you can! The good thing is, you won’t create a stampede if you stumble upon an unusual word. So, ready to “catch ’em all”?