In a Global Market, Embracing Change Means Embracing English

Voxy is revolutionizing the way people learn English all around the world, and recently the team participated in an event in Spain called Sobrevivir Cambiando, or “Surviving Change.” Sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand, Watch & Act and Voxy, Sobrevivir Cambiando brought HR executives together in a dialogue about how companies need to be prepared to adapt to a global market. Companies in attendance included CEPSA, Repsol, Sanitas, Equifax, Volvo and Samsung, among many others.

Sobrevivir Cambiando emphasized the importance of not only reacting to change, but also anticipating it to create a culture of innovation at the individual and organizational levels. The world’s most successful companies are deliberately and proactively embracing change—and that includes adapting to an increasingly digital environment and building a team that can conduct business in English, the global “language of commerce.”

Pictured above, from left to right: Antonio Pastor, VP of Sales at Voxy; Luis Fernando Rodriguez, Partner at Watch & Act; Javier Garcia, Partner at Watch & Act; Sam Tobben, Sales Executive at Voxy.