Voxy Expands Partnership with Grundfos

Voxy recently expanded its partnership with Grundfos to become the company’s recommended English learning provider.

Grundfos is one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers, with 90 locations around the world and approximately 17,000 employees. The company offers a range of benefits through an internal learning and development program, which has included a distance English learning course since September 2014. As part of its initial offering last year, Grundfos launched a highly successful Voxy pilot with 25 employees, which exceeded engagement goals during a 6-month period and resulted in an overall proficiency gain for the group of a 7.5% score improvement.

After test-driving Voxy as well as another product in search of an optimal solution, Grundfos announced in Spring 2015 that Voxy will be its recommended English learning provider going forward. Because Grundfos has such a broad global reach, many employees are not native English speakers and could benefit greatly from Voxy’s personalized online courses.

“We like the responsiveness towards program customizations catering for our needs and are very satisfied with the service level provided by Voxy,” said Gunnar Tindborg, L&D Manager at Grundfos.

Grundfos employees now have the ability to enroll in a 6- or 12-month Voxy course, with the added option of private tutoring for one-on-one practice with a certified English instructor. Voxy has also created a custom manufacturing unit for more targeted industry-specific language learning, which is available to all Voxy learners. The unit includes authentic materials sourced by the Voxy Pedagogy Team as well as corporate materials provided by Grundfos, including instructional videos and articles from the company’s in-house publication G Magazine.

“Voxy’s ability to integrate with partners’ organizational programming, as well as provide specific, relevant instruction, is a key feature of our relationships with world-class partners like Grundfos,” said Voxy Chief of Operations Juan Torres.