Voxy Partners with Wise Up, Access for 75,000 Students

Voxy is pleased to announce a partnership with Wise Up, a leading English language school operating in more than 70 cities in Brazil with additional locations in North and South America and Asia.

This new partnership will launch on March 14, 2015, with a goal to serve more than 75,000 students within three years. The blended learning program will use Voxy’s technology and personalized curriculum, including custom content designed for Wise Up students.

Wise Up was purchased in early 2013 for more than $400M USD by Abril Educação, one of Brazil’s largest education publishers. In 2010, the company served 30 million students and more than 125,000 private schools. Wise Up’s recently hired CEO, Marcelo Bruzzi, a veteran of AmBev, is focused on Wise Up’s 600-plus franchise network, adding new students in a competitive market, designing a more “social” footprint for Wise Up’s centers, international expansion, and standardizing quality across learning centers.

Bruzzi envisions Voxy updating Wise Up’s curriculum with fresh, authentic content for a new generation of language learners and rolling out best-in-breed tech platforms that will allow his centers to meet the demands of increasingly technology-enabled students.

To learn more, read the full press release here.