Looking for an island adventure? Here’s how to get it.

You’re on an island. Anywhere in the world.

The scenery is new. The music is upbeat. The fruit is fresh. The language … was … unfamiliar.

That was before you spent time immersed in the culture and community of your chosen island. That was … at the beginning of your trip.

Now, you can navigate the island on your own. You can converse with locals in their native language and experience this new place as more than just another tourist.

So, are you ready to pack your bags? Are you putting in for your PTO? Are you starting to feel the tingles of adrenaline at the thought of checking something off your bucket list this year?

Good news: This island adventure can actually be your story. All you need is a friend, who happens to be a talented engineer looking to work on game-changing, innovative technology that empowers people around the world to achieve their goals by learning English.

Here’s the deal:

If you recommend a friend to Voxy, a New York City-based startup that’s reinventing the way the world learns language, and we hire him or her, then this experience is all yours. Anywhere you want to go, for an adventure that’s entirely designed by you. It’s that simple. If we hire your candidate, you get an all-expense-paid immersion trip to any place on planet Earth. Flight, meals, accommodations, and language immersion … all on Voxy.

So start tapping your network. Have your friend(s) apply via our job postings page and ask them to list your name on the application (where it says “how did you hear about this job?”).  And then get ready for a shot at the adventure of a lifetime.

The “Fine Print” (because we have to)

  • Total trip expenditure not to exceed $4,000
  • Winner will have to cover any taxes
  • Referral must work at Voxy for 90 days before prize is awarded
  • For engineer hires only