Improve Your English for Free

In this video, Dr. John Norris, a prominent figure in the field of second language acquisition, discusses key principles for learning a language. Using these methods, you can improve your English for free and learn better than you would in most traditional English courses.

The first principle is exposure to real, authentic language content. This would include news articles or videos of native speakers in everyday situations, not outdated textbook examples or instructors speaking words for you to repeat. The internet makes it easy to find content like this. Just make sure you find material that’s at the appropriate level.

Another principle is to use the language you’re learning—ideally with actual real-world tasks. If you’re in the country where the language you’re learning is spoken, you’re forced to do this. If not, you can also leverage the internet to accomplish this. One way would be to find English discussion forums that cover topics you’re interested in and joining in on the conversation.

Of course, Voxy is based on these principles. Voxy always uses content that is appropriate for your level and relies on a task-based approach where you use English to accomplish tasks—both on your own, with your private tutor, and in your group classes. Click here to start a free trial.