Is this the Future of Language Learning?

Google debuted their mysterious “Glass” device just last year, and since then it’s garnered attention across the tech scene and even the fashion industry. Now with even more details being exposed at SXSW, it’s even more clear that Glass and wearable computing are the next “big thing.” Glass is meant to be additive to our lives by giving us an implicit and novel interface through which we can filter our experiences and access the internet. With a powerful camera, a microphone and an array of sensors, including GPS, businesses will have unprecedented context upon which to deliver valuable software. With wearable computing we’ll be able to process and filter the data from our daily activities, and learn from the world around us. Sounds familiar!

That’s because Voxy was founded on the concept that language learning should be contextual and that mobile technology allows users to be immersed in their learning experience. This vision is already thriving through the Voxy mobile and web apps: over two million language learners engage with our product to read and listen to authentic personalized content, and practice real conversations in their target language towards the goal of accomplishing real-world tasks. We’re excited to say that this is only the beginning. With the advent of wearable computing technologies, a new medium has been created for Voxy to leverage, for the benefit of its users and language learners everywhere.

At Voxy we’re eager to provide our learners with the best, most effective learning methodologies and Voxy has made it a priority to investigate the usage of wearable computing. Sam Dozor, our Lead Application Developer, spent two days at the recent Google Glass “Foundry” in NYC – a hackathon where developers were invited to see what they could build for Glass. Although we can’t yet disclose the details of what he built, we are proud to say that Sam’s Glass service beat out the field and took home the grand prize! As a result, Voxy will be getting early access to Google Glass, allowing our tech and product teams to start envisioning the next generation of language software.

At Voxy, we know that languages aren’t learned from a textbook; research has proven that adults need real-world input for effective learning. Wearable computing is the ultimate manifestation of having real-world input. Can you imagine a world where you have contextual, personalized language learning lessons pushed to you whenever and wherever you want them? We can. And having an even faster, more effective, and more engaging way to learn a language? You will.

Aimee Styler, Special Projects

Image courtesy of Flickr: zugaldia

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