Meet January's Featured Tutor: Bracha Rubin

Bracha is one of our most exceptional tutors (and former Pedagogy & Curriculum intern) with consistently excellent feedback from her students.  Currently pursuing her Master’s of Science in Speech Pathology at Columbia University, she speaks Hebrew, Spanish and has studied Latin, and has more than 5 years of teaching experience.  Let’s hear what she has to say about tutoring with Voxy!

How did you get started tutoring?
In high school, I was a peer tutor. I used to tutor students in my grades and younger students during my lunch and free periods in all subjects, including Spanish. I loved tutoring and tutored all through college and after.

What do you like most about it?
My favorite part about tutoring is when students have that “aha” moment where they understand something that they had been having trouble with. It’s a great feeling for the student and I enjoy helping them get there.

What are the benefits of an online tutor vs. in-person?
As an online tutor, I can tutor people all over the world. When I tutor in-person, I sometimes have to travel up to an hour each way and can usually only tutor one student at a time. As an online tutor, I can see a lot more students and work with multiple students a day.

How has your experience been working with Voxy?
I have had a very positive experience tutoring for Voxy. The website is a great resource for tutoring. I am able to tailor lessons to students by choosing articles that meet their personal interests. I find students are much more engaged when they are interested in what they are learning. A student who is a huge soccer fan, for example, is more motivated to practice pronunciation when reading an article about their favorite team. Voxy allows me to create interesting, engaging, and highly personalized lessons, which allow me to maximize student learning.

Gabi O’Connor
Gabi is a Senior Associate of Pedagogy & Curriculum at Voxy. She has spent the past several years teaching ESL in Ireland, Spain, France and the U.S., most recently as a Featured/Recommended Tutor for NYC-based startup Tutorspree. Gabi received her BA in English Literature and French Translation at the University of York, her M.Phil. in Popular Literature at Trinity College Dublin, as well as certification from the University of Cambridge TEFL program. Having lived in eleven countries, and learned several languages as a result, she has a passion for expanding her and others’ cultural and language horizons.

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