What Are You Wearing? So Much More Than Clothes!

In English, we use the verb “to wear” to express “to have on one’s body as clothing or ornament,” or “to carry or have on one’s body habitually.” Obviously we wear clothing, which certainly includes all types of hats, shoes, coats, bathing suits, belts, gloves, scarfs, etc. – but there is so much more!

English learners are often surprised to learn about the other kinds of objects that we wear, rather than “put,” “use,” or “have.” In some cases, we even wear things that are invisible! Here is a list of some common nouns that we wear.

Colors – Ex: My best friend wears blue every single day. I almost never wear orange.

Cosmetics /Make-up/Nail Polish – Ex: My wife likes to wear pink lipstick.

Perfume/Cologne – Ex: I only wear cologne when I go to fancy parties, but my girlfriend wears perfume every day.

Deodorant/Antiperspirant – Ex: You smell terrible! Did you forget to wear deodorant today?

Sunscreen/Sunblock – Ex: Make sure you wear sunscreen when you go to the beach – you don’t want to get a sunburn!

Jewelry – Ex: My sister always wears earrings, but she never wears necklaces.

Glasses/Sunglasses/Contact Lenses – Ex: If I don’t wear my glasses, I can’t see anything!

Safety Equipment /Seatbelts/Helmets and Pads – Ex: I fell off my bicycle yesterday, I’m glad I was wearing my helmet!

Medical Devices/ False Teeth and Hair (Braces, casts, wigs, dentures) – Ex: Don’t tell anyone, but my grandfather wears dentures! He hasn’t had his real teeth in a long time!

Headphones – Ex: Sorry! I couldn’t hear you, I was wearing my headphones and listening to some awesome music!

However, We DON’T wear piercings or tattoos, we have them. Ex: My cousin has a tattoo of a dragon, and my neighbor has a piercing on her eyebrow. They look so cool!

James Curcuru

James Curcuru is Voxy’s Featured Tutor and manages its social media.

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Good article, great job! thank you!