Visualizing Vowel Vocabulary: A Video

We love this cinematic tribute to the loveliness of life and language!

Videos like this one lend learners a visual link between a vocabulary item and its meaning.

The words in this video feature vowels and their various sounds in the English language, and they are pronounced with a British accent.

Vowels, via Studiocanoe, is based on a 1945 sound recording from Linguaphone’s archived series “English Pronunciation – A practical handbook for the foreign learner.”

Can you spell/list all the words you heardin this video? Comment below!

Esther Liu
Esther is a Pedagogy & Curriculum Associate. She received her TEFL certification through the University of Cambridge and has studied Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, and most recently Python. Passionate about educational linguistics, instructional design, intercultural communication, and new media, she also loves alphabetizing, biking, farming, food, people, piano, theology, traveling, and ultimate frisbee. An incurable ENFP, Esther believes in tech startups and is stoked to be at Voxy!

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