Superhero Vocabulary!

Whether on the big screen, on television, or in a comic book, we all love a good superhero story. Here are some common nouns, adjectives, and verbs commonly used in these adventures.

villain, n.  a cruel and malicious person who is devoted to or involved in evil actions and crime

One of the most famous villains is Batman’s main enemy, the Joker. In superhero stories, we often hear them described as “supervillains”––they’re super bad!

rescue, v.  to help someone in danger, or to free someone from harm, evil, or imprisonment

Superman flew to the burning building and rescued all of the residents inside.

courage, n. – the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear

Spiderman always has the courage to do what is right, even in the most dangerous situations.

defeat, v.  to overcome, or win against, an opponent in battle or a competition

The Hulk is so strong that he can defeat his enemies with one punch!

sinister, adj.  evil, wicked, ominous

Batman’s most sinister enemy is the Joker––he’s the worst!

superpower, n.  an ability that is impossible for a normal person to do

Superman has many superpowers; he can fly, lift very heavy objects and see through any surface! Batman, however, doesn’t have any superpowers––he’s a normal human being.

heroic, adj.  having the qualities of a hero, or showing great courage in a dangerous situation

A superhero is heroic, but normal people can be heroic too! For example, a fireman has a heroic job.

Try and notice these words the next time you watch a superhero film or read a comic book!

James Curcuru