Common Verb Collocations

While learning is more beneficial if it is not based on memorization, sometimes there is no way around it. Non-native English speakers often struggle with collocations, groups of words that are ALWAYS paired together (a verb followed by a phrase).

The chart below can be a great study resource, but there are many more verb collocations as well. For a printable table of the most common verb collocations, click the thumbnail on the left.

There are many different verb collocations, but in this post we will focus on the verbs come, go, and get. 

Let’s practice!
Using the chart above, choose the correct verb (come, go, or get) for each phrase:

1. That business will ______ bankrupt if they are not more careful with their finances.

2. As soon as everyone takes a seat, we will _______ started.

3. My love for baseball doesn’t even ______ close to Joe’s love for football.

4. I’m sure we can _______ to an agreement.

5. If you ______ angry easily, babysitting might not be a good job for you.

Answers: go, get, come, come, get

Be sure to print out a complete list of verb collocations to help you practice!

Jessica Weeg
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