Top 3 Most Popular English Teachers on YouTube

The world is getting smaller and smaller, thanks to globalization and the Internet. This is good news for language learners and language teachers alike! From Facebook to Twitter to blogs, language learning has never been as easy, interactive, and social as it is now. Youtube has been growing as a popular language hub for free videos and lessons for almost any language you want to learn. English lessons in particular have a huge following on Youtube, some channels having over 6 million views per video. Although there are too many to name, here are the top three most popular English teachers on YouTube:

Jennifer from English with Jennifer 
Jennifer produces a mixture of more advanced level grammar lessons and pronunciation lessons. But the cream of the crop amongst her videos are her lessons on idioms (kitchen idioms, driving idioms, color idioms…) and American slang/phrases based on everyday environments and tasks. Most of the content in her curriculum is based on expressions and conversations from authentic experiences. For beginners who are learning to speak English for the very first time, Jennifer’s channel is a great free resource to help them get started.

Mister Duncan from Learning English with Mister Duncan
Mister Duncan hails from Great Britain and is an extremely well known ESL teacher on Youtube. His channel is popular because of the quality of each video and his amiable camera presence. His teaching style resembles Bill Nye the Science Guy (Remember that show? It was so awesome), except with the English language. Mister Duncan’s lessons focus mainly on fluency and speaking English naturally, rather than prescriptive grammar. Although he doesn’t always provide actual instruction or explanations, he covers many topics that students may not encounter in a traditional ESL classroom. His videos are good supplementary material to help students listen to and practice native speech about authentic topics.

Teacher Paul from Learn American English Online
Paul focuses mainly on very specific grammatical concepts and produce content-based traditional lectures. Although his website’s appearance looks like it’s been stuck in the 90’s, it actually contains a solid grammar curriculum based on learners’ proficiency levels. For intermediate and advanced students who need help with their written English, Paul does a great job teaching complicated and sometimes ambiguous concepts. This Youtube channel seems like a better resource for other English teachers who want to brush up on gerunds and conditionals and also for those who want some inspiration for their own grammar lessons.