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Do you know where you can find Voxy in Social Media? Well, virtually everywhere! Here are all the Social Media outlets in which you can find a funny, irreverent, and informative content to help you immerse into the English language and American culture. Learn English in the way it is spoken in real life on:


Voxy’s content on Facebook includes funny and impressive pictures that will stick to your memory and also teach you some vocabulary in English. We have several activities for you to practice your writing, such as ‘Fill in the blank’ exercises, Puzzles, True or False, and much more. In addition, you will get to know many fun facts about English, such as the longest word in the English language, or the only word in English that ends in ‘mt’. “Like” us and stay tuned for giveaways with free Voxy Premium accounts to the most interactive fans in our page!

Update frequency: daily.

Target audience: basic to intermediate English learners.


Our Google Plus page will update you on the latest news in technology and cool products with amazing design in the market, while working on your English vocabulary building. It will also teach you idioms and give you tips with pictures and animated GIFs that will make you LOL! Additionally, we post interesting and insightful motivational quotes in English to make any day a better day! This page has a much more relaxed tone and has as priority your entertainment. Soon enough, you will also be able to practice your spoken English with a Google Hangout with one of our Voxy team members, who will show you funny videos and talk to you in English the whole time.

Frequency: Every week day.

Target audience: intermediate to advanced English learners.


Our Twitter page talks to both English learners and teachers. What is great about this page is that, while teaching English to our students, we also provide material for educators who teach English (as a first or second language). English learners will have interesting articles about the business world that will prep them for Business English, tips on structure and idioms, and train their reading skills. Followers will also have first-hand news about technology in education, with the latest apps and tools available to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Plus, you can see links to our Voxy Articles with the headlines of the week for you to practice using the Voxy app.

Update frequency: every day.

Target audience: Basic-Intermediate-Advanced English learners, educators and tech-savvy people in general.


Our Tumblr is just pure fun. With a bold humor, we will teach you English slang and many idioms that will make you want to reblog to your friends! Our content is so funny and interesting that you won’t even realize you are learning English while you see it! Plus, you will see posts from other pages we have  (this blog, Pinterest and many more) all in one feed.

Update frequency: every week day.

Target audience: fellow tumblrs at any stage of proficiency in English.


This Voxy page is as visual as it can get. You will be amazed with how much English you can learn from pictures with little written content. Also, you have all of our INFOGRAPHICS in only one board for your delight, as well as other very instructive infographics from our Voxy friends. In addition, you will see beautiful and humorous pictures that Voxy digs and would like to share with our users just for their delight.

Update frequency: every every other week day.

Target audience: adults, of all genders and English proficiency stage.

Voxy Blog

This is it, you might know it pretty well if you made it this far. We post English tips of everyday expressions, research on linguistics and bilingualism and interesting facts about how people all over the word use language.  We also have dedicated posts about our users in the Community session. The blog is also the hub for our famous infographics, which are images that teach you curious facts about language in a very easy and memorable way.

Update frequency: every week day.

Target audience: Intermediate to Advanced English learners.

Voxy is also present on LinkedIn as a debate forum for educators; Tout with 15 second English lessons featuring our resident English expert, Steve; Instagram (@govoxy) as a page where we share pictures in our office and team reunions; and much more.


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