Free Mobile Learning for Less Mobile Stealing

Despite the fact that mobile devices have become increasingly crucial to one’s everyday life, educators continue to argue that they are not conducive to learning. Compared to Hemingway and redox reaction equations, Tweets and App games do seem a bit absurd. Therefore many schools ban cellphones, causing students to pay local delis and food trucks to hold their gadgets for them while they’re in school, even at the risk of getting them stolen! At this point, there isn’t much schools can do to tear students away from their mobile devices.

So what would happen if educators embraced the use of cellphones? What if mobile devices not only supplemented a lesson but was an integral part of it? Because many of these questions are still unanswerable, mobile learning has been a hot topic of research. Recent iPad studies shows that student who used the iPad more frequently showed better results when compared to paper-only text. Another study shows how mobile learning supports a more learner-centric environment, which is a common challenge in the teacher-centric, curriculum-oriented traditional classrooms.

Perhaps that is the greatest advantage of mobile devices for learning – the ability to merge institutional learning and organic learning together. If educators could teach students how to effectively use mobile technology to enhance their learning, there would be a lot less trucks and delis being robbed.

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