3 Great Songs for English Learners: Hip-Hop Edition

In the previous blog post published by Voxy, we learned 5 reasons why music is an excellent and low-cost way to learn a second language. Today we’ll suggest our favorite rap songs for English learners and explain the lessons behind them. This is your chance to bust a move in English!

Run DMC – “It’s Like That” 


  • For hip-hop, this song is pretty slow and repetitive, making it suitable for learners who need a lot of listening support

  • Vocabulary and idioms relating to suffering and bad economies, such as “to make ends meet”

  • If you’re a speaker of a Latin-based language (Spanish, French, etc), you’ll be happy to find many recognizable cognates

Blackalicious – “Deception” 


  • Many examples of regular and irregular past verbs, perfect for those who are just learning them or who need a review

  • Words and phrases relating to the universal theme of greed

  • Natural pronunciation of “you”

Beastie Boys – “Intergalatic” 


  • A variety of verb forms, including past, present, present perfect and the future verb tenses

  • Conditionals with “if”

  • Each line from a verse has the same rhyme, making it easier to remember

  • A lot of American pop cultural references