Voxy Academy

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Do you know what Voxy Academy is? It is the Human side of Voxy on which we get in touch with actual ESL students in New York giving classes for free. Now, the leader of this Academy is Stephen Mayeux, Voxy’s Curriculum Producer . Steve also extends the Academy into the Internet by making fun videos with 15-second English lessons. Stay tuned for a brand new batch of more than 100 new videos coming up, about 2 each day. Learn expressions such as “Blow up”, “Draft Beer”,  “I’m so pumped” and how English is used in real life situations. Plus, there’s always something hilarious, like this video where Steve shows he’s a natural when it comes to dancing:

So stay tuned and check out Voxy’s 15-sec lessons on the Facebook tab or Voxy’s page on  Tout!

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