How the World Laughs on the Web

We know that we can indicate laughter on the Internet in English by merely typing “haha”, but have you ever wondered how other languages indicate laughter in chats, text messaging and Social Media? We’ve compiled a list, just for you!

  • English – “hahaha”, “LOL”
  • Spanish – “jajaja”
  • Arabic – “ههههه” (“hhhhh” – Arabic doesn’t write short vowels, so that could be read as “hahahahaha”)
  • Thai – “55555” (“5” in Thai is pronounced “ha”)
  • French – “hahaha”, “héhéhé”
  • Russian – “хахаха” (“hahaha”), “бгггггг” (“bgggg”), “гггггг” (“gggggg”), “олололо” (“olololo”)
  • Ukrainian – “бгггггг” (“bhhhh”), “гггггг” (“hhhhhh”)
  • Catalan – “hahaha”
  • Portuguese – “hahaha”, “hashuashuashuashua”, “rá!”, “kkkkk”, “rsrsrs”
  • Korean – “ㅋㅋ” (“kk”), “ㅎㅎㅎ” (“hhh”)
  • Japanese – “wwww”, “ふふふ” (“huhuhu”)
  • Mandarin – “哈哈哈哈哈” (“hahahahaha”), “呵呵呵呵呵” (“hehehehehe”)
  • Indonesian – “wkwkwkwk”
  • Swedish – “hahaha”, “hehehe”, “hihihi”
  • Norwegian – “hæhæhæ”, “høhøhø”
  • Vietnamese – “hihihi”

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