Collective Nouns: a "Bunch" or a "Pride" of Lions?

In English, collective nouns take a very prominent part in the language. Collective nouns are specific words used to describe a particular group of objects. These objects can be human, animals, concepts, anything. For non native speakers however, it is quite difficult to remember all these special nouns used to describe each group of objects. However, using collective nouns to describe objects is important because it shows a higher connection to the language. We could easily say a “bunch of lions” as opposed to a “pride of lions” but it takes away from the beauty of the language. To help expand your vocabulary, here is a list of some common collective nouns, and some really obscure and interesting ones to spice it up!

1. A flight of birds

2. A troupe of dancers

3. A pack of wolves

4.  A range of mountains

5. A herd of buffalo

… And here are some of the lesser known and crazy ones!

6. A mischief of mice (Think about Tom and Jerry!)

7. A congress of baboons (Political commentary?)

8. A worship of writers

9. A tabernacle of bakers

10. An exaltation of doves (This one is my favorite, it’s really beautiful and serves to describe doves really well!)

Collective nouns are especially rich in the English language, and there are lots more out there! Keep learning and soon you will all be a panel of experts!

-Rickey Lu