What Shapes Our Language? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our language is constantly being shaped by a number of different influences, from social media and pop culture to other languages and even human error. Thanks to the ever-evolving Internet, new words enter our language almost daily. But beyond new words, technology has had a big impact on the ways in which we communicate, particularly with respect to how many words it takes us to get our point across. View the infographic below to learn more.

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Use This Infographic In Your Class

We think that infographics are an awesome learning and teaching tool, so our creations will always be available for you to print out, use with your students and embed on your blog!

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Warm-Up Activity

Before handing out the infographic, discuss the following question with your students:

Why are languages constantly evolving over time?

Speaking & Critical Thinking Practice

Questions to ask your students after presenting the infographic:

  1. What is the most surprising fact that you discovered from this infographic?
  2. New words are added to the English language all the time. Can you think of any examples not already listed on the infographic?
  3. Would you consider yourself to be a “digital native”? How do you compare to other digital natives with respect to the way(s) you use mobile devices?
  4. How have technologies such as text messaging and Twitter changed the way you communicate? Do you agree with the concept of the “incredible shrinking sentence”?
  5. Based on the trends presented in the infographic, can you predict any changes – general or specific – that will happen to your language within the next decade? For example, will we always have the mentality of “the fewer keystrokes, the better”? Or might we see a shift in the other direction – back toward longer sentences and “proper” spelling in text messages and online?

Writing Challenge

After reviewing this infographic with your students, have them write an essay or blog post on the topic below. In addition to using the information from the infographic, students can do some independent research using the sources provided at the bottom of the graphic.

How have other languages and cultures, technology, new media and pop culture affected the language you use on a daily basis? Cite specific examples.

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While laughing everyone Smiles In The Same Language ! Is not it ?


I love infographics, and the Voxy Blog team does an awesome job with them every time!

Thanks, Melissa!

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Thanks for you infographics, I think they are wonderful!

I would love to include them in my blog ~ but I need a URL ~ my site won’t take an embed.
Is this possible? Thanks for your great work! Carol.

Hello Carol Phillips! Thanks for stopping by! It’s easy to get the URL. All you have to do is to right-click your mouse on the image and choose “Copy URL” or “Copy Address”. There you go. You have the URL copied and once you press CTRL+V it will be pasted. Good Luck! Let me know if you made it and send me a link to your site!