Why It Pays To Be Bilingual [INFOGRAPHIC]

Being bilingual provides a variety of perks. Aside from giving you the ability to impress your latest love interest by reciting foreign poetry, being bilingual also pays dividends – monetarily, cognitively, and culturally. See the graphic below to find out why.

Note to teachers, edubloggers and all those interested: Want to use this infographic in your class or share it on your blog? No problem! You’ll find a cool collection of classroom activities and sharing options below.

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Use This Infographic In Your Class

We think that infographics are an awesome learning and teaching tool, so our creations will always be available for you to print out, use with your students and/or embed on your blog!

Warm-Up Activity

Before handing out the infographic, discuss the following question with your students: What are the advantages of being bilingual?

Speaking & Critical Thinking Practice

Questions to ask your students after presenting the infographic:

  1. What is the most surprising fact that you discovered from this infographic?
  2. Is the information in this infographic applicable in your own country or society? Give examples.
  3. Since beginning your English studies, what perspective have you gained on the advantages of being bilingual? Do you agree with the statement that there are cognitive, monetary and cultural benefits to being bilingual? Why or why not?
  4. Today, many people would say that English is the most important language in the world; if English is not your first language, then you should become bilingual in your L1 and English. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  5. If you agree with the statement in #4, do you think that another language will ever become more important than English?

Writing Challenge

After reviewing this infographic with your students, have them write an essay or blog post based on the facts from the infographic as well as their own findings. Encourage them to do their own research using the sources listed at the bottom of the infographic.

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31 thoughts on “Why It Pays To Be Bilingual [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Nicholas Reichart says:

    You falsely attribute their status to “immigrant” when a lot of times in the US they are in-fact “Illegal Aliens” and not immigrants at all.

    Please be a little more informed or at least less biased in opinion next time you make an infographic.

      • angelgonzalez says:

        Voxy, whether they are here illegally or legally, wouldn’t a person who settles in one country from another still an immigrant? The infographic was beautifully designed, and informative. Good work. It certainly doesn’t merit any justification for being objective. If anyone’s biases are showing, then they belong to Nicky. :)

  2. Cristina says:

    I like the chalkboard approach to illustrate what is great about being Bilingual. I know that growing up bilingual has helped me and benefited my life in ways that most can’t even imagine. It’s not just for job or payment purposes, but just the way that it enriches my life on an everyday basis. I actually sound different, have different sense of humor, almost like a different flare on my personality depending on if I’m talking in English or in Spanish ;)
    Being bilingual rocks! :)

  3. Tiffany says:

    I think English is the most important language, but Mandarin is definitely a close second. It pays to know both. Cristina is right; it not only benefits you career-wise but it just adds something new to your life, and even makes it more meaningful. That’s just my point of view. I’m trying to master French and Italian this summer. They’re both closely related to the English language so it’s not too hard for me, although I can imagine trying to learn a language like Japanese. I’m half-Japanese and I still have a hard time with it!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wanna tick off a european? to them in their language, and when they ask, tell them you’re Puerto Rican.I’ve had people go ballistic on me.a smattering also works real good..

  5. Vaz says:

    wonderful work and I appreciate it.
    It is like before you go to church, jesus appears before you. I was about to look for information and I got it just like that.
    thank you

  6. nova group says:

    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m no longer certain whether or not this put up is written via him as no one else understand such particular approximately my trouble. You are incredible! Thank you!

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