Valentine's Day Resources for the ESL/EFL Classroom

Love is in the air, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are everywhere you look, and those around you are either excited about Valentine’s Day or complaining that it is entirely overrated. Regardless of your personal views on this holiday, Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful topic to discuss with ELLs. Here’s a roundup of some awesome online resources that you can use today or bookmark for next February 14!

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Audio & Video

1. Podcast and transcript from elllo.comabout “Valentine’s Day Around the World”

2. Podcast and transcript from ESL Pod about “Finding Love on Valentine’s Day”

3. Short video from explaining the origins of Valentine’s Day

Cartoons & Graphics

1. A dozen or so Valentine’s Day cartoons by Mark Parisi(note: not all of these are suitable for classroom use!)

2. A cartoon about saying “I love you,” via The English Blog

3. A cartoon from Savage Chickens that explores the meaning of “Be Mine”

4. Great for discussion: infographic from about Valentine’s Day spending and gift giving

Activity Roundups From Other Blogs

1. Larry Ferlazzo’s Best Sites To Learn About Valentine’s Dayis perhaps the most comprehensive resource out there. It features everything from crossword puzzles and e-cards to interactive books and slideshows.

2. The New York Times’ Learning Network presents Valentine’s Day Across the Curriculum, a compilation of resources for language arts, social studies, fine arts and science classes.