Super Bowl Resources for the ESL/EFL Classroom

The Super Bowl provides a wonderful opportunity to help ELLs learn a language from life. Believe it or not, you can find Super Bowl-related classroom resources all over the Internet. The trick is finding the ones that work best for your students, and tailoring them – if necessary – to their needs. The following list compiles transcript-accompanied multimedia and more advanced discussion topics, and should serve as a good starting point for your very own lessons.

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Audio/Video With Transcripts

1. Audio dialogue and transcript from talks about Super Bowl Sunday as “America’s secret holiday” and can be supplemented with a series of printable activities.

2. MP3 download, transcript and accompanying activities from Breaking News English explore a controversial anti-abortion Super Bowl ad from 2010.

3. Audio clip, transcript and several follow-up exercises (gap fill, spelling, survey and more) from Listen A about the Super Bowl in general.

4. Video clip and transcript from Newsy explains the evolution of Super Bowl marketing strategies.

Discussion Topics

1. Comprehensive listof Super Bowl commercials from the 1960s to present.

2. Slideshow from CNBC examines trends in Super Bowl spending.

3. The official NFL history of essential Super Bowl facts from 1967 to present.

4. Daryl Cagle’s Super Bowl cartoon index via

Super Bowl Activity Roundups From Other Bloggers

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