15 Insightful Language & Culture Infographics

Do you ever get the feeling that infographics about everything from A to Z are catching your eye from every direction? Nowadays, it seems as though we all crave a visual aspect to data – and for good reason. As David McCandless pointed out at TEDGlobal 2010, “There’s something quite magical about visual information. It’s effortless; it literally pours in.” Infographics help us navigate the otherwise untamed information jungle.

The infographics below will help you maneuver through the maze of language and culture data. Don’t be surprised if you make some interesting discoveries along the way!

1. The Words the Democrats and Republicans Used

2. The Language of Buying Her a Beer

3.The Language of The Beatles’ Abbey Road

4. Stone Age Jottings

5. How Do You Use Body Language To Read Minds?

6. Navigating the World’s Most Widely Spoken Languages

7. Planet English

8. Chinese: The New Dominant Language of the Internet

9. 10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling

10. The Importance of Using Spell Check

11. Workplace Communication Styles Around the World

12. Social Web Involvement

13. Need a Vacation? Don’t Live in the U.S.

14. Average Happiness By Country

15. Starbucks & McDonald’s Internationally