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  • Educational Technology

    An Integrated Platform
    Our integrated web and mobile platforms work together so you can pick up lessons where you left off. Whether it's staying current with world news, reading celebrity gossip, listening to popular music, or learning from location-based lessons, Voxy saves all of your activity and progress.
    With GPS on your smartphone, Voxy sends relevant content in words and phrases to wherever you are, creating an interactive learning experience from your surroundings.
    Image Recognition
    Using your smartphone camera, take a snapshot of any object that you like and identify it in the language you are learning. Voxy will send back the word you were looking for and the original photo in the form of a digital flashcard.
    Speech Recognition
    Practice your pronunciation as you perform tasks with our speech recognition technology. Activate lessons, capture words and review your progress with our voice recording and audio capabilities.
    Music Library
    Music is the universal language. Our newest feature helps build your vocabulary, build grammar structure and improve pronunciation through popular songs. Fitting seamlessly into your day, Voxy music helps you learn English from your favorite songs.

    Real World Content

    Research has demonstrated that the one-size-fits-all approach does not work for language learning. Our team of linguists and scientists has developed a unique and innovative platform that converts everyday experiences into personalized lessons, using real-world tasks, frequent practice and immediate feedback on your progress.
    Updated Daily
    At Voxy we deliver fresh content daily. We understand that the more exposure to extensive input you have, the easier it will be for you to learn a language based on real events that are happening around you.
    Beyond Text Books
    We don’t believe learning should be based on static content, memorizing verb charts, grammar rules, or learning vocabulary words out of context. That’s why we create engaging exercises with authentic language used by native speakers. We don't write lessons for you, we curate real-world discourse and turn it into lessons adapted to your language level.

    Personalized Curriculum

    Lessons Based on Your Interests and Needs
    The best way to learn a language is through the context of your daily life. Voxy helps you build your own curriculum by identifying your points of interests and giving you real world tasks.
    Customized Tutoring
    Voxy’s technology enables our tutors to follow each student’s learning progress. When you want to review or practice your skills, your tutor will help you create a personalized program based on your previous performance.
    Track Your Personal Progress
    Voxy provides up-to-date stats and easy-to-read reports to give you insight into your progress and help you accomplish your goals.

    Easy to Learn

    Here's what a few of our 2.5 million learners have to say:

    • "Thanks to the Voxy team I learn a bit of English every day. I am from Ecuador and I am a loyal follower of this language."

      — Emith Mariño Figueroa, Voxy learner

    • “Voxy handles English with intelligence and precision. This tool helps me have interesting conversation topics with my clients; it makes me feel more confident.”

      — Angel Barraza, Voxy learner

    • “With Voxy I am hopeful that I will speak English. Thanks so much for this course that is so practical for real life. I like the stories, the activities and, above all, the lessons.”

      — Juny Batista, Voxy learner

    • “Excellent and fast system for learning English... pleasant, topical, current, entertaining, profound, connected to contingent news. It’s very helpful to me; it renews me in 3 minutes… I’m undefeated!”

      — María Eugenia Gatica Zincker, Voxy learner