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    Start your day with a recommended lesson from your Course guide. You can change your lessons and goals at anytime.

    Learning from genuine sources teaches you expressions and cultural information that you won’t get from static textbooks.







    How It works

    Start your Course

    Test your level
    Before you subscribe to a 3 or 12 month course, test your level of English so Voxy can adapt your personalized lessons according to your skill level and help you get where you want to go.
    Set 3 Goals
    Voxy offers a wide variety of goals, from preparing for the TOEFL to getting a better job. You can have up to 3 active goals during your course and change them at any time.
    Receive Awards
    After completing 18 lessons with its activities, you can test the words and phrases you have learned up to that moment. If you pass, get an award for reaching your goal!

    Speak with a Tutor

    Select your tutor
    At Voxy, all of our tutors are certified, native English-speaking teachers. You can choose them according to your learning needs and schedule a time that is right for you.
    Get Homework
    Once your class is confirmed, Voxy will give you a homework assignment based on your writing and speaking skills. You have to complete and send to your tutor before your private class begins.
    Receive Feedback
    After each session, your tutor will send detailed feedback on your homework and overall performance. Your course includes two tutoring sessions and 4 homework assignments, but you can buy credits to get more!

    Improve your Level

    Track your Performance
    After each lesson, Voxy provides real-time stats on how well you are doing and what skills need improvement. Progress graphs are available on the following skills: speaking, listening reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar.
    Practice Regularly
    In order to keep you on track, Voxy will send you customized study reminders via email and personalized tips on your course guide to help keep up your momentum. Think of it as your personal English trainer.
    Test your Skills
    Every few months you will be able to take a proficiency test to see your improvement. If you score higher than when you started, get ready to level up! Thanks to our cutting edge technology, all lessons will adapt to your new skill level.

    Personalized for you

    Voxy is the ideal system for learning English

    Bite-Sized Learning
    Whether you're on your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can always pick up where you left off.
    Personalized Course
    Taking the TOEFL? Need a new Job? Traveling soon? Lessons adapt to your interests and goals.
    Skill based lessons
    Voxy tracks your performance and adapts lessons according to your level.
    Live Tutoring Sessions
    Get 1-on-1 tutoring from a native English speaker wherever you are, and on any topic you want.
    Performance Awards
    Voxy guides you through a sequence of lessons. Once you have mastered your course, get awards!
    Achievement tests
    Voxy works for beginners to advanced learners. Every few months, take a test and move up!.