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  • Our Principles

    Technology-Mediated Learning
    At Voxy we don’t adopt technology for technology’s sake. Research shows language learners need incredibly motivating content and the use of technology offers personalized and individualized instruction to give you access to this content, just-in-time feedback and progress updates to enhance your learning process.
    Adult-Learning Principals
    Adults learn by doing, and when it comes to language learning, you need opportunities to engage with genuine language content, practice using the target language to accomplish real-world tasks and receive feedback on your errors. As you read authentic content, listen to real conversations and produce the language by yourself, you will be one step closer to speaking a second language.
    Distributed Practice
    It takes a long time to learn a language if you only study once a week. With regular practice, even in small amounts, your skills will remain sharp and you will have frequent opportunities to improve.

    Thought Leaders

    Voxy’s core pedagogy is based on recent research in second language acquisition, mobile technology and cognitive science. We deliver authentic content that actual native speakers consume in real life activities, give you ample opportunity to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and offer chances to get feedback from English-speaking tutors.

    • “In order to learn a language, people need exposure to genuine discourse that is relevant to their real-world needs, along with frequent opportunities to practice using the language. And because learning a language is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, resources must be motivating, rewarding, and encourage learners to keep using them.”

      Katie Nielson

      Chief Education Officer


    Case Studies


    Recently we conducted a pilot study at Miami-Dade College where we evaluated time-on-task with two groups of English-learners: one group using Voxy and one control group. The group using Voxy spent just over double the time-on-task than the control group.