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    As mobile technology, gaming mechanics and computational linguistics advance, Voxy will continue to be an even more innovative learning tool for students and teachers who embrace the power of technology in education.

    Voxy is open 24/7.
    Everyone can learn from their computer or phone with Internet access.
    It doesn’t require expensive textbooks and other online learning products.
    Personalize their curriculum by selecting real-world content that interest them the most.
    They can engage in interactive activities that make language learning fun and interesting.
    Voxy is entirely web-based – no software installation necessary.
    It provides authentic material for homework assignments, including built-in reading comprehension.
    Lessons are designed in bite-sized increments for maximum compliance with assignments.
    You can monitor students’ engagement, success and performance with easy-to-use reporting.
    Voxy encourages group work and collaboration.
    Voxy is easy to set-up.
    It works for organizations with small groups or thousands of students.
    Easy to monitor results and get reports of how students are performing.
    White label and co-branding available
    Free trials and flexible plans are available
    Contact: schools@voxy.com


    We are always looking for new publishers to team up with to help bring our groundbreaking learning platform to English learners around the world. If you have great traffic and are looking for an offer to monetize it, partner with us, it´s a win win situation.

    Join the Voxy Affiliate Program
    • High converting offer
    • Competitive pay-outs
    • Fast payments
    • Static and animated banners, text links, data feeds
    • Creative assets available in Spanish, Portuguese and English
    • We can customize creative based on your site look and feel
    • Special discounted offers for your users
    • Contact: publishers@voxy.com


    If you like learning English with Voxy, help us spread the Voxy message and we will help you meet up with other language learners in your community and go to events with native speakers.

    Become a Voxy Ambassador

    • Get special discounts
    • Be the first to try our new features
    • Receive free Voxy t-shirts and merchandise

    For more information please contact: ambassadors@voxy.com