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    • “Voxy’s next generation platform makes it easy for our team members to improve their communications skills and thus the guest experience. ” - CEO, Raul Leal

    • “Currently, Voxy is better positioned to make learning English more democratic, easy and effective than any other platform in the world.”

    • “We’re not using any type of traditional grammar or strict structure here… you learn through your senses and real situations.”

    • “Learn English from the daily news that interests you most.”

    • “Voxy integrates content from the internet into a learning program”

    • “Voxy’s Paul Gollash makes language learning social, local, and mobile .”

    • “Perhaps the best part about Voxy is that it uses game mechanics like points, number of words collected, or times spent in order to drive a language learner’s progress and commitment, engaging users who would otherwise be bored and get distracted from the task at hand.”

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    How Voxy Works

    Personalized Lessons

    Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, we set you on a course with skill based lessons that are based on specific goals.

    Live Tutoring Sessions

    Take private classes with a certified, native English-speaking tutor to improve your speaking skills, whenever you want!

    It's easy. Choose the tutor that is right for you and always get detailed feedback on your performance.

    Achievement Tests

    After you subscribe, Voxy will guide you through a sequence of lessons and test you on what you have learned.

    Your test will focus on the words and phrases you were exposed to throughout your course. If you pass, get an award!

    Learn as you live


    Language isn’t learned in a textbook

    Decades of research have proven that to learn a language, adults need lots of real-world input. In other words, you need to read and listen to authentic language, not scripts or dialogues or flashcards written by teachers. Voxy creates customized lessons from your life, from education that is personal, relevant, and effective.